Welcome to Resolution Capital Management

Resolution Capital Management provides high performance returns to our investors through deployment of capital into value-added real estate including distressed residential homes and non performing mortgage notes. We pride ourselves on our personalized approach, exciting investment properties and business expertise.

Resolution Capital Management is for:

  • IRA account holders who are looking for a passive investment that delivers a higher return than the traditional Wall Street products available.
  • Busy professionals who understand the value of investment real estate but don’t have the time to manage projects themselves.
  • Experienced investors looking for to diversify their portfolio with exceptional returns from a sector that has tremendous upside potential.

Real Estate Experience that Matters

With a high degree of combined experience evaluating, acquiring, financing, managing and disposing of quality assets in the real estate sector allows us to instinctively identify opportunities and manage risk.  The Resolution Capital Management Investment management team establishes strategic partnerships with like-minded and sophisticated investors for mutually beneficial investment activities.

Our goal is to improve local communities while providing a superior return to our investors.

We deploy capital into income-producing properties that generate high performance revenue. The objective is an ROI of 15% or more supported by strong cash flow, forced appreciation, and tax shelter through highly effective real estate acquisitions and asset management.  Our team is systematically finding, evaluating, and acquiring income-producing real estate and notes secured by real estate. We buy in stable and appreciating markets, follow local economic cycles, and support each opportunity with multiple exit strategies.