Resolution Capital Management, LLC is a private real estate investment group which is established to provide passive investors the ability to take advantage of the benefits of investment real estate without the challenges connected with direct property acquisitions.

We acquire, manage and reposition defaulted residential mortgages to help American homeowners with financial difficulties and to deliver superior returns for the benefit of our investors. We bring efficiency, compassion and prosperity to distressed real estate markets in a profitable and socially responsible way.

Our goal is to reposition a negative situation into a positive one by assisting homeowners in understanding their alternatives to foreclosure. By maintaining a high level of expertise and commitment, we’ve created stable opportunities for homeowners to be able to keep their homes by modifying their loans.

house1We do this by purchasing a banks’ distressed debt. These large institutions, such as Chase, GMAC, and PNC, among others, sell the debt off in order to stay liquid and keep lending the money they would otherwise have to keep in reserves that is associated with holding these non-performing assets. Resolution Capital Management purchases the debt in order to provide personalized service and creative solutions to homeowners who have defaulted on their mortgages. By providing a variety of alternatives to these burdened homeowners, people all around the country are able to keep the memory-filled homes they worked so hard to buy; the same homes that will provide them with security beyond retirement.

By acquiring defaulted or distressed mortgages and working with the borrower to modify their loan, this results in a win/win/win for all. The borrower can remain in their home, the community regains a taxable asset and our investors reap the high performance rewards typical of these note repositioning projects.