The Company’s investment objectives are to generate current income for its investors and achieve social betterment by providing viable solutions for borrowers at risk of foreclosure to stay in their homes as well as facilitate dispositions that return vacant abandoned homes to service.

The executive management team of Resolution Capital Management first identified the unique opportunity at the start of the recession in 2007. The recession resulted in a massive level of loan defaults on residential and multifamily properties that had not been seen since the Great Depression. Banks are flooded with “seriously delinquent” mortgage notes that needed to be liquidated. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York*, as of Q2/2014 more than $210 Billion of residential mortgage loans are “seriously delinquent” at more than 90-days late, which our financial institutions will liquidate through resale to the secondary market. This equates to an estimated 9 million delinquent assets on the books of the U.S. financial institutions which will be liquidated. The Manager believes that there is a 3-5 year opportunity to acquire these distressed assets at a steep discount. A large capital reserve is necessary to acquire the incredible deals and thus the Resolution Fund I was born.

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Our Strategy

The investment strategy is simple; we acquire undervalued assets at prices substantially lower than their current and re-positioned market values. The Fund invests in two types of undervalued assets: individual and pools of performing, sub-performing, and non-performing mortgage loans, secured by real estate. The Manager intends to deploy a mixture of both non-performing and performing notes in its asset portfolio. The intention is to balance the fund portfolio composition with 30% performing notes and 70% non-performing notes, so that the performing notes provide immediate cashflow while working with borrowers to modify their non-performing notes.

Getting Started

This offering is made to a limited number of accredited investors to purchase Membership Units of the LLC. To learn more about the fund and obtain the term sheet and additional information create an account with us at the link below. You will then be able to login to access details on the fund and complete the required forms to receive the full Private Placement Memorandum.


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*Source: New York Federal Reserve May 12, 2015